This is the official Home of COMICULTURE, the publishing imprint of the artists and writers
at MAD SCIENCE MEDIA. Comiculture is the title of an anthology magazine and graphic novel that we published in 2002-2005. These critically acclaimed publications featured serialized comic stories from a variety of genres and artistic styles. Today, this blog is a home-base for our community of artists, showcasing new projects created both in-house and for our many distinguished clients.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Comiculture Authors Book Signing, June 6

If you're in West LA this Sunday, June 6th, drop by the El Segundo Public Library, and say hello to a couple of our creators who will be participating in the 10th Annual El Segundo Author Fair. The event goes from 12:45 PM to 4:30 PM and includes appearances by about 35 authors who will be signing their books. There will also be discussion panels, poetry readings, children’s activities, and music.

Steve Buccellato and Don Hudson will be doing a “Comic Book Artist Demonstration” from 1:30 to 2:00. It's unclear what, exactly, they will be demonstrating, but it will be great! After that, they be doing a book signing from 2:15 PM to 3:25 PM. You can also meet the lovely & talented Tricia Riley Hale, writer of TOKYOPOP's Grand Theft Galaxy!

El Segundo Public Library
111 W. Mariposa Avenue
El Segundo, CA 90245

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Cars Covers From Allen!

I've still been plugging away on those nifty Cars Covers! These are the two covers I've done for issue 2. Hope y'all like them~!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Heads up! Allen's got something to announce!

I am happy to announce that I have some nifty stuff in the pipeline! First up, I've been drawing and coloring the covers to the Pixar Cars comics that are coming from Boom! Studios! I've had to keep mum on this until it was solicited in Previews, but now that the cat is out of the bag, i can blab about it right, left and center! And so, here is a preview of my work on the first issue. As subsequent issues are solicited, I'll keep posting them, so check back, there's more to come!

I gotta give a hearty shout-out to Steve Buccellato. When I got the gig, I was somewhat lacking on the technical end of coloring, and Steve has generously given of his time and expertise to look over my work and make sure I didn't do anything wrong. He has helped me a lot and I deeply appreciate it. Not to mention the fact that he published my first work in Comiculture way back when. AND he let me crash his Comiculture booths at numerous San Diego Comic Cons, which was awfully good of him, too. Thanks Steve! You're my good comics pal!

And then, of course, I gotta throw this out there, too!

Those of you who have been following my blog know that I've been working on what I affectionately call "the 'Rasslin' comic." STRONGMAN! Well that's coming in early March from Amazing Ink/Slave Labor Graphics. It's also in Previews this month! That's right! I have TWO listings in the same issue of Previews! Go to you local comic shop and see for yourself! That's a personal best! So things are shaping up pretty well for me, and there's more on the way!

Thank you, Comiculture!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Elephantmen #15: On Sale This Week!

It's a week late, thanks to a printing error, but today, Elephantmen #15 is now on sale from Image Comics and Active Images

This issue features an 8-page backup story drawn about a year ago (more or less) by me (Steve Buccellato), and written by Elephantmen creator, Richard Starkings. The story tells the origin of Hip Flask's inscrutable sidekick, Vanity Case! It's also got a nifty alternative "flip-book" cover (above) by Heroes artist extraordinaire, Tim Sale!

For more info, check with your local comic book retailer and please visit the Elephantmen website. They have some groovy desktop postcards and stuff.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Comiculture: A Brief History

This post is the first in a series, designed to introduce ourselves to new readers, give some historical background on Comiculture, and ultimately, to provide some perspective and reflections about our ongoing experiment in self-publishing.

Who & What is "Comiculture?"

Comiculture is many things. It is this website; an online home to a group of comic book pros. It is a publishing imprint for a line of original comics and graphic novels. And, in the words of one reviewer, it is "the best comics anthology you've never heard of!" a magazine featuring comics stories, articles and interviews related to comics and pop culture. The folks responsible for Comiculture are based in Los Angeles and call themselves Mad Science Media.

Mad Science Media is a collective of comics professionals who have been collaborating since 1996. Individually, each has been working in and around the comics industry for much longer than that. The core group originally met while working on staff in Marvel Comics' Editorial and Production departments in the late '80's and early '90's.

Years later, fate conspired to bring these four friends together in Los Angeles, where they founded a studio to develop new projects. The four founders were Steve Buccellato, Rob Tokar, Don Hudson and Marc Siry.

In the beginning, Mad Science Media acted as service providers, lending their talents to projects published by most of the major comics publishers (Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics, Dark Horse, etc), as well as non-comics related clients (Disney, Mattel, Warner Bros., Sony Animation,, Nickelodeon, and United Media). In fact, Comiculture Magazine was originally concieved as a proposal for Marvel Comics back in 1997 under a different title. The pitch was simple: "Heavy Metal meets Spy Magazine" or "Epic Illustrated meets Maxim." The proposal was met with enthusiasm by the Editor-in-Chief, but the project never got going.

In 2001 Steve Buccellato and his studio decided to throw caution to the wind and publish the magazine on their own. They Joined with other comics pros (like Klaus Janson, David Wohl, Ben Raab and Walt Simonson, to name a few) to develop several original creator-owned properties, and they leaped into the world of small-press publishing. Drawing upon years of collective experience in all aspects of comic book production, pre-press, printing, marketing and web-site management, the Mad Science Media team ambitiously launched first issue of Comiculture magazine and simultaneously at the San Diego Comic-Con in the summer of 2002.

The reaction to the magazine was overwhelmingly positive. While issue #1 was only available in comic shops, the second issue was picked up by several magazine distributors who sold Comiculture to Borders Books, Tower Records and other newsstand venues. The second issue actually sold more than the first. Fans and critics alike responded to the variety of work in Comiculture with glowing reviews, including a spot in The Fourth Rail's "Best of 2002":

"(Comiculture is) a gorgeous production that fills a niche no one else is tackling in comics...."
--Randy Lander, The Fourth Rail

"...a great mix of mainstream styles and storytelling and more oddball, indy-spirit comic art as well. There's a remarkable balance in the material here, and it means that any reader...will find something about Comiculture to really enjoy."
--Don MacPherson, The Fourth Rail

"5 (out of 5) Bullets...This magazine deserves your attention...(the) second issue of Comiculture is actually better than the first"
--Ray Tate, Silver Bullet Comics

"...packed from cover to cover with entertaining stories and informative articles."
--Wolfen Moondaughter, Sequential Tart

"'With No Power'...had me laughing out loud...this is an example of the kind of autobiographical delight that makes the genre so rewarding."
--Alan David Doanne, Comic Book Galaxy

Unfortunately, producing a high-quality color magazine is an expensive proposition. Without outside investment or any advertising revenue, the costs of producing Comiculture were just too high to justify going beyond the second issue. Many lessons were learned, and the gang at Mad Science Media were forced to rethink their publishing strategy.

In June 2005, Comiculture Books debuted its first publication: a black & white, 90-page graphic novel called Comiculture Anthology. The book picked up where the magazine left off, but in a different format excluding the articles & interviews. Since the publication of Comiculture Anthology, the creators have concentrated on other individual projects, such as Steve Buccellato's original English manga, Battle of the Bands, published by TOKYOPOP, and Don Hudson's graphic novel, Gunpowder Girl and the Outlaw Squaw, published by Active Images. Though their publishing imprint Comiculture Books has been idle for a few a few years, the folks at Mad Science Media are always developing new concepts and story ideas, and hope to get back to the business of publishing if and when these projects can be adequately funded.

Friday, December 5, 2008

3-D World Atlas: A Great Gift Idea!

This is a superb children's atlas written by our intrepid world-traveling, comic book editing, cow-collecting Marie Javins. This hardcover book contains more than 40 maps, 46 photos and is chock-full of interesting facts from around the planet. If that's not enough, try on the 3-D glasses (included) and pretend you and your kids are globe-trotting with Marie as your guide!

Purchase yours here!

New Warriors Manga: On Sale December 23rd!

Here's a holiday treat for you! A new Wariors manga, drawn by our own Don Hudson! This is the second volume in the Escape from the Forest storyline written by Warriors creator, Erin Hunter, and featuring the origin of Sasha & Tigerstar's relationship. A ferocious feline fable not to be missed!

Order your copy now!


Hello, and welcome to our new blog. This page is intended to replace our old COMICULTURE website. Right now, please consider it to be "under construction." The old site is woefully out of date, I'm sorry to say. However, most of our creators and many friends in the comic book industry have become enthusiastic bloggers in the past few years (myself, included).

Because the ease of blogging has provided a much more effective way for our creators to communicate their ideas and show off their art to the public, we hope to set this page up as our new "porthole," guiding people towards what's new & happening in our "COMICULTURAL" Community!

Right now, we are not currently developing any specific comics or graphic novels to be published under our imprint (nor are we taking submissions--before you ask!), but as soon as we get something together, you'll be the first to know! Meanwhile, we will be updating this page to let you know about the various projects we are working on today, and we encourage you to subscribe to this blog, as well as to our individual "creator blogs" listed above.

Thanks for your continued support, and please visit again soon. I'll be slowly transferring all the pertinent information from our old website to this blog over the next few weeks. After that, when you visit "," you will automatically be redirected here.

Happy Holidays!
Steve Buccellato
Publisher, Editor-in-Chief