This is the official Home of COMICULTURE, the publishing imprint of the artists and writers
at MAD SCIENCE MEDIA. Comiculture is the title of an anthology magazine and graphic novel that we published in 2002-2005. These critically acclaimed publications featured serialized comic stories from a variety of genres and artistic styles. Today, this blog is a home-base for our community of artists, showcasing new projects created both in-house and for our many distinguished clients.

Friday, December 5, 2008


Hello, and welcome to our new blog. This page is intended to replace our old COMICULTURE website. Right now, please consider it to be "under construction." The old site is woefully out of date, I'm sorry to say. However, most of our creators and many friends in the comic book industry have become enthusiastic bloggers in the past few years (myself, included).

Because the ease of blogging has provided a much more effective way for our creators to communicate their ideas and show off their art to the public, we hope to set this page up as our new "porthole," guiding people towards what's new & happening in our "COMICULTURAL" Community!

Right now, we are not currently developing any specific comics or graphic novels to be published under our imprint (nor are we taking submissions--before you ask!), but as soon as we get something together, you'll be the first to know! Meanwhile, we will be updating this page to let you know about the various projects we are working on today, and we encourage you to subscribe to this blog, as well as to our individual "creator blogs" listed above.

Thanks for your continued support, and please visit again soon. I'll be slowly transferring all the pertinent information from our old website to this blog over the next few weeks. After that, when you visit "," you will automatically be redirected here.

Happy Holidays!
Steve Buccellato
Publisher, Editor-in-Chief